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I stock most essential oils which can be used in massage, compresses, baths, inhalations, facial steam, room vapourisers and foot spas. Essential oils must not be used undiluted but blended with a vegetable base oil, which I also stock. There are contra-indications to some oils and I provide instruction sheets on blending, uses and applications.

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There are also books available on how to use the essential oils. I also have a selection of creams, gels and roll-ons also containing the therapeutic effects of essential oils.

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There are numerous sets of angel cards available and they all have instructions for use. It is good to start the day by choosing a pack of cards that appeals to you, seeing which card decides to ‘pop out’ with the perfect message or teaching, and to answer any questions that are in your mind at this time. The messages contained in the cards help to manifest your dreams and set a positive effect for the day ahead. They will give you great inspiration and bring in the wonderful, pure angelic energies to you, your home and surroundings.

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There are many Body, Mind, Spirit books available nowadays and I sell a selection of Angel books by celebrated authors, eg Diana Cooper and Doreen Virtue, that teach you how to bring angels into your everyday lives, answer your many questions, and give you guidance and uplifting messages to help you in all areas of your life. There are other books by well-known authors to help us recognise that everything and everyone is part of Source; books that help us taste the reality of oneness and assist us to find our true spirituality.

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The Archangel cards are beautiful to work with and this deck contains information and messages from fifteen Archangels. By using these cards, you will get to learn about the Archangels and their particular functions and the significance of the cards you draw out. There is an instruction booklet enclosed too.


To purchase any of these products please call or email me to place your order and to find out postage and packing costs.



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Gift Vouchers can be purchased for all treatments - a lovely treat for that special person in your life -
contact me for more information


















Gift Vouchers can be purchased for all treatments - a lovely treat for that special person in your life -
contact me for more information


* Edna is a member of the British Reflexology Association and the Reiki Association *

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