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For our soul to grow, we are all sent challenging situations, or people, to deal with.
It is how we react to those people and situations that counts.

For example:

  1. Our parents, children, siblings or work colleagues, may give us a difficult time. Teenagers especially can be very difficult. Relationships are not always loving and rewarding.
  2. We may have stressful and demanding jobs leaving us anxious and burdened, which can then create illness.
  3. Journeys to work, visits to family, or appointments, may be lengthy and troublesome with road works, sometimes causing frayed tempers and even possible road rage.
  4. Finances may be stretched to the limit making us fearful, dreading those brown envelopes in the letterbox, or fearful of answering the phone, harming our relationships.
  5. Marriages and relationships break down for all sorts of reasons. Often a lack of understanding and failing to talk through problems can prevent people from moving on.
    I am sure you can name many other challenging situations.
    So how can we deal with these problems and difficulties? Some may turn to drink or bingeing on junk food, even drugs. Some will turn to prayer and I do believe in the power of prayer.
    Another way to find the answers to our challenging situations is to meditate.

MEDITATION is a form of LISTENING, GOING WITHIN. It is intrinsic.

For us to communicate with God/Source, we do need to sit quietly. By going within, we are demonstrating a willingness to experience the unseen. During your meditation sessions, what you encounter will be perfect for where you are in your Spiritual Development right now. As you meditate, you will enter into a state of oneness with God / Source.
Many mental, emotional and physical ailments have responded well to meditation, even depression and chronic pain. Meditation is certainly known to improve the immune response, even with cancer patients, heart disease, fatigue, asthma and high blood pressure, to name but a few.
The body and mind are in a continual state of communication, e.g. the state of the mind affects the body and the state of the body influences the mind. Meditation is a natural and effective means that supports communication between body and mind. It helps to achieve good health as we listen to the inner messages while meditating. It also moves the physical body into deep states of relaxation and can create deep insight.
Meditating is not a substitute for orthodox health care but works very well alongside conventional treatments and can greatly enhance it.
There is a Universal Life Force that sustains and nourishes all life. We experience this when we start to meditate, also when we give or receive Reiki. The Chinese call this Universal Life Force qi or chi. In the Indian culture it is known as prana. In the West it is usually referred to as Energy or Spirit and it has become quite a popular practice in the Western World.
Meditation practices vary across different cultural traditions. It is a process of moving the physical body into deep relaxation allowing you to quieten the mind to achieve a deep state of calmness and insight. It can enhance your spiritual beliefs and strengthen your connection to your higher power/Source/God. It is one approach to coping with daily life and the stressful problems we often have to deal with. 10 – 15 minutes of meditation can refresh the mind considerably, aiding ability to focus.
There are many types of meditation e.g. Buddhist, Zen, Taoist, Transcendental, plus others. Some of these have different methods but the end results are similar, in that it is possible to lead to a mind free of stress and anxiety. There can be great health benefits from this regular practice, both physically and psychologically, resulting in a calmer, more peaceful, improved quality of life.


Ideally, it is advantageous to create a peaceful atmosphere. Find a quiet place to sit, dim the lights, maybe light a candle, and decide whether you would like relaxing music or silence. Loosen any tight clothing, make sure you are warm enough and seated comfortably. Let your hands rest loosely in your lap and close your eyes. Closing your eyes allows you to go within and lets the outer world fade from your awareness.
Now take a slow, deep breath, through your nose if possible, holding briefly, and then exhale. Do this another two or three times and feel yourself relaxing and becoming calmer. With each breath you take, you will become more peaceful. Continue to pay attention to your breathing but don’t try to control it, just observe both the in-breath and out-breath. Notice any thoughts that come to mind and let them go.
You could choose a mantra – a word or phrase that you mentally repeat to yourself e.g. ‘peace’ or ‘calm and relaxed’.


Guided Meditation takes you on a guided journey to help aid relaxation and personal growth. It helps let go of your thoughts for a while and allows your subconscious mind to follow the spoken words. As you go into deep relaxation, you can touch on hidden feelings and past experiences in your mind that are usually unreachable. It enables you to get in a higher state of consciousness. We are able to shut off our active mind when meditating, which can help us focus on a particular outcome or goal. We can draw light and energy into our body as we visualise on a spoken journey. Guided Meditation can help attract all sorts of end results as your subconscious mind is open to positive suggestions which can lead to improvement in certain aspects of life.
A Guided Meditation might be tailored towards personal empowerment, spiritual development or self-healing.
Guided Meditation is one of the easiest meditation techniques and can help with creativity. All you need to do is listen to your guide while they lead you through a relaxing visualisation, and these can lead to positive changes in body and mind.
Edna can facilitate Guided Meditation for you, in a one-to-one session or in a group session.



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* Edna is a member of the British Reflexology Association and the Reiki Association *

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