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Angels are gifts to us from God and God is within you, within me, and within all the angels.

When we open ourselves to the angels' messages, our lives become more peaceful and harmonious, helping us to create the life we deserve.

We each have our own guardian angel with us constantly, from birth to death, giving us unconditional love. There are many other angels and archangels protecting this planet whom we can call on for help and guidance. There are no time and space limitations like there are with humans, therefore they can be with any or all of us at the same time.

Angels are beautiful and mostly appear to be very tall. They are androgynous beings. Some are feminine looking and some are masculine looking.

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Angels are God's helpers and are always happy to be of service when you invoke their help. They are here to heal you from the effects of fear, to keep your loved ones safe, to cleanse you of anger and resentment, to heal your cravings when you give up unhealthy food, drinks or bad habits, to help you sleep soundly, to help you find success in your chosen career, to let go of any stress and anxieties, or to support you in dealing with any issues you may be facing.

The angels are here to help us and reward us with God's love and protection'. There is no special way to ask for an angel. Just make the statement "I would like an angel to give me protection" or whatever it is you wish for. Think it and they will be there. The miracle of working with, seeing and understanding angels is possible for everyone, with positive results.

Angels will never interfere with your own free will, so you do have to ask for their help. Why not try now! And always remember to thank them when they answer your prayers or manifest those miracles.

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Everyone has one or more Guardian Angel assigned to be with you throughout your earthly lifetime. They always have your best interests at heart and will take every opportunity to assist you get your highest good and direct you on to the best path. They will give you inspiration when you are struggling with situations. They do not make decisions for you, but give insight when it is needed to help you make the right decision for yourself.

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL (means “He who is like God”)
Michael protects us and our loved ones emotionally, physically and psychically with his Legions of Light. He gives us courage and strength to face any obstacles that appear in our daily lives, such as mental and emotional strain through relationships, addictions and illnesses. He will give us the strength and courage to stand up for ourselves, helping us feel more in control of life. Michael helps us speak our Truth, e.g. if we do not want to do something, or go somewhere, we are able to say no rather than being in denial and pretending otherwise. He teaches us to be honest and responsible with ourselves. To place yourself under Michael’s protection, visualise yourself wearing a cloak of cobalt blue, securely fastened, with a hood falling over your forehead. This will protect you from harmful energies. Ask him to be with you every night, and within his Light, and you will feel secure, confident and powerful.

ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL (means “Whom God Heals”)
Raphael is the Divine Healer or Physician, and with the help of his legions of Healing Angels, gently brings healing to us. He will also help Mother Earth, the seas, the animal and mineral realms. Ask him to give a helping hand if you, or someone else, is unwell; if you require surgery, or are in mental, emotional or physical pain. Raphael invites us to surround our bodies with his beautiful emerald green healing light which acts as a soothing balm, which initiates healing. As you heal your body, so your heart heals too.
Raphael is also the patron of travellers. Call on him to give you a safe and protected journey to your destination, whether walking, driving, flying or whatever mode of travel, even as a passenger.

ARCHANGEL GABRIEL (means “God is my Strength”)
Gabriel gives us Guidance in any situation, whether you wish to make changes in your life through new relationships, new careers, new home, even if you are not sure what you are meant to do. Gabriel will help you if you have strayed from your soul’s pathway, to a better life with true meaning. His angelic guidance will awaken your visions, clarify your hopes and ambitions, give you inspiration and steer you in the right direction. He is the angel of hopes and dreams and will assist you in your ideas and goals. Gabriel is a transitional angel helping with all changes in your life. He helps with creative writing, journalism, teaching, art, and T.V. and Radio work. He also helps with child fertility and adoption.

ARCHANGEL URIEL ( means “God is Light”)
Uriel is the guardian of the new spiritual age. He pours light upon troubling situations which illuminates ways to find answers to our problems and he would have us live in gratitude. He assists us bring peace to the world and to end personal or worldly conflicts. He directs the legions of angels of peace and frees us from fear. Uriel is a Mother to Planet Earth and all its inhabitants, nurturing us all in body, mind and spirit. Our path through life, our earthly walk, is illuminated by Uriel as he has a powerful connection to the Earth. He also aligns all the chakras of the spiritual spine, the central ‘I AM’ column, to generate balance and harmony on all levels. Call on Uriel if you are experiencing obstacles and he will increase your ability to deal with them.

There are countless Angels you can call on for help. Here are a few of them:
Angels of Abundance, Nature, Parking, Creativity, Friendship, Finance, Diet, Fun, Success, Confidence, Courage, Love, Peace, Compassion and Freedom.

Because of free will, you do need to ask for their help and always remember to thanks them afterwards.

feather cloud

White feathers are angels' ‘calling cards’.

I wanted to include a white feather on my website and was searching the internet with Susan, my website designer, for a suitable image, but we were not able to find just what we wanted. Susan then had to leave. Shortly after she left, I went into the garden to get the washing off the line. It was a beautiful sunny day, blue sky, and some fast moving clouds. As I looked up into the sky, there was my white feather - in the form of a cloud - moving quite rapidly across the sky. I immediately ran into the house, grabbed the camera and hurried back to capture this amazing image.

So the angels gave me a white feather, but it just goes to show they don’t always answer your requests in the way that you would expect.



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